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Following the success of the Ultimate Visual Elements Pack, please welcome the 3D Elements Pack. 


Introducing 20 3D animations that can be easily implemented to transform your next project. This pack does not require you to own or have experience with 3D software, it contains pre-made abstract 3D animations that can be used in all video editing software. Both the 4K and HD version contain 4444+ Alpha .mov files and the 4K pack also includes 20 PNG files that can be used in still format projects. Let’s take your work to the next level. 


Do you work with video editing software?


3D animation is transforming the visuals industry, yet it can be a time consuming and expensive skill to learn. That is why I have created the 3D Elements Pack, to allow anyone who works with video editing software to instantly upgrade their work with 20+ easy to use, drag and drop 4K + HD elements. 


Having worked freelance for years I know it is essential to have your content at the forefront of the graphics market and with constantly evolving technology this can be difficult to keep up with. With no 3D software or experience needed, the assets in this pack will allow you to step your game up to that 3D level. 


The pack is compiled from a range of captivating, abstract 3D loops which can be combined with and used to visually enhance your existing content or even used as impressive stand-alone graphics. The 3D Elements Pack gives infinite potential for you to create something truly unique. This pack can benefit people working across a range of creative industries. I’ve listed a number of hobbyists to professionals below who I feel may find this pack especially useful:


  • Videographers / Video Editors

  • Graphic Designers

  • Content Creators

  • Animators

  • VJs / Tour visual creators

  • Streamers (OBS)

  • Anyone who uses Video Editing software


Since finalising this product I have personally used and tested a number of the available elements on my own client work, by simply dragging and dropping these visuals onto my timeline, these projects were instantly upgraded. 

Take your content to the next level!

20 HD/4K 25FPS motion elements, compatible with all major video editing software.

Each element can be customised, combined and implemented into your project to create outstanding results in literally seconds. 


The possibilities with this pack are endless…overlay intriguing elements onto your footage; create custom OBS streaming themes; combine elements to create progressive and professional content; use as displacement maps or implement into your project to take it to the next level!


No need to learn 3D software

The 3D Elements Pack is here to save you both time and money. Usually, in order to add 3D elements into your work you would have to spend countless hours learning how to navigate the software, as well as possess a high spec system capable of running these CPU-intense programmes. This pack cuts all of that out. 


I have always wanted to incorporate 3D elements into my video projects. However, getting to the level at which I was capable of creating these visuals has been an ongoing process for me over a number of years. I have produced this pack to make it possible for those who may not have the time or money to invest in this skill, yet still want to transform their work using 3D graphics. 


How to use the Elements...

View the Video below for a brief tutorial on some basic ways you can use the Ultimate visual elements pack in your project...


Clients include


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